Purity Workshop Exceeds Expectations

In attempting to ensure that as a congregation we are all on the same page, I guess it can’t be stated too often that the theme for the South Sound Church of Christ in 2012 is “Set Apart”. As a congregation, our collective goal is to be mindful that we are a church of disciples that is intentionally and voluntarily set apart  (holy) to God and for His glory and purpose. In lieu of our theme, our midweeks and Sunday services are being dedicated to teaching and preaching on several characteristics in which we being called to come out from the world and draw nearer to God.

It should be no surprise that God, our heavenly father, wants the very best for all of His children, just as those of us who are parents want nothing but the best for our children.  After all, it is he who created everything in this life that is good, James 1:17.  None-the-less, Satan who is indeed “The Father of Lies” wants us to believe that God wants to deprive us of pleasure and of anything that is good Genesis 3:1-5. The truth is however, that God created many pleasures to be enjoyed by His children such as nature, human artistry, family, romantic love, social life, community, corporate worship and more. God’s desire for us is that we should have life to the full John 10:10.

This weekend, the brothers and sisters of the South Sound Church of Christ enjoyed a congregational workshop focused on being Set Apart in Purity. Dave and Robin Weidner who lead the Treasure Valley Church of Christ in Boise, Idaho were our guest speakers for the weekend. The Weidner’s exercise their passion daily to help people live in purity by leading recovery groups, conducting seminars, and sharing articles through their websites. Building on 30+ years of experience in full time and volunteer ministry, David and Robin founded Secure in Heart and Purity Restored Ministries.

The workshop began with a congregational service on Friday Night with the focus of having “Pure” Freedom in Christ. We learned about God’s Pure Gift, which was given to us from the beginning through Adam and Eve. Each of us, (male and female), are equipped for purity, through Adam’s singularity and Eve’s multiplicity. In the true spirit of purity their hearts were able to run free in the garden and they hid nothing from God or each other physically, emotionally, spiritually, or mentally. There was no darkness in their relationship, no impurity, no hiding, and no shame. We also learned about the Pure Lies of Satan. He wants to twist our view of things that God wants us to see as pure and good and pervert them so that we use them in an impure manner. And we learned about the Pure Freedom that God calls us to. As children of God, we have been called to absolute purity because he wants us to be completely free! He wants us to be free to enjoy Him with no shame or condemnation.

After the encouragement of Friday evening the marrieds ministry returned Saturday morning eager to learn about Pure Romance in marriage. It was wonderful to see many couples bonding and learning new things about each other as we listened to the Weidner’s and participated in several exercises with our spouses. Dave and Robin discussed what pure romance is and what it is not. As well as Pure Oneness in which they discoursed on the roles that men and women were created for. They revealed through the scriptures that man was created for leadership and woman is the pinnacle of creation, a helper (Ezer), which pictures the “eye that see the danger”. While we both have different roles, our marriages, there is no question that both are designed to be lived out in God’s presence as we explore, work, play love, and serve one another in our differences. In addition, they spoke about marriages having a Pure Connection. We are to “Nourish” and “Cherish” our relationship by keeping the weeds/thorns/pests out, setting boundaries, protecting our purity, and protecting the vulnerable parts of our relationship. The day ended on the topic of creating a Pure Covenant. Dave and Robin approached the idea of having the willingness to be unselfish in marriage with the goal of having complete oneness and connection. This covenant calls for continual forgiveness, which takes us from glory to glory. A forgiveness that brings unity, leads to intimacy and is a reflection of the glory of God.

It was truly an inspiring weekend from beginning to end. Thanks again to Dave and Robin for their openness and vulnerability with their own marriage and for a weekend that will undoubtedly change those of us who attended forever. Let’s pray that God will be glorified in our lives and in His church as we put these teachings into practice in the days ahead.

Please go to our podcast to listen in more detail to these amazing lessons.


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