Family Worship Camp


Here it is, the chance for us to bask in the gifts that God has given us in our families, and our church fellowship. The purposes of Family Worship Camp is to experience FAMILY worship and FAMILY fellowship. The Goal of Family Worship Camp is promote multi-generational faith.

Why attend?
There are many reasons to attend Family Worship Camp:
FWC is an opportunity for our Children and our Families to spend time together, building relationships and memories.  After many discussions with “Kingdom Kids” it is obvious that there is a common denominator in the multigenerational faith within families, and that is relationships.  Time spent connecting, out side the daily grind.  Time acknowledging and worshiping our Heavenly Father, together, and time spent playing,connecting, with other families.  These relationships become critical in our childrens’ social and spiritual development and build an infrastructure for children as they grow.  We’ve also learned that these relationships begin early.  They don’t have to start at teen camp, or pre-teen camp.
Special note: we would love to emphasize extended family participation…Grandparents are welcome and encouraged to attend!!!

When: August 18 – August 22, 2013

 Where: Black Lake Bible Camp, Olympia, WA


0-2 yrs: FREE

3-8 yrs: $115/pp

9yrs and up: $215/pp

 What does my money get me?
 5 days, 4 nights – All Meals and All Activities INCLUDED!

What are the accommodations?

All families will be staying at Lakeside Lodge. Each room has between 6-8 beds and a private bathroom.

What are the “activities”?

 Days are started with breakfast, followed by family worship experiences.
 Each day will be designed to provide opportunities for creative family worship (each morning families will be given a focus/project or mission of the day tailored to the ages of children in your family)  The rest of the day will provide opportunities for family games, swimming: pool or lake (there is a water slide), mini golf, volleyball, basketball, kids rifle range (BB guns provided with instruction), (paintball for bigger kids is an extra $15 fee).

LOTS of free time to fellowship and build memories with friends, andmaybe make some new friends. Days will close out around the campfire at evening fireside time with talent and sharing.


How do you register?

 You may write a check for the entire amount due or if needed, you can make a deposit of $25 per child (ages 3-8) and $35 per camper (ages 9 and up). Ages 0-3 need registration for head count purposes only.
In order to Register contact:

Kari Wax 




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