Sunday August 4th, 2013 Announcements

*Midweek Schedule:
7pm, Aug 7th
All together @ Sehmel Park
Andy & Tammy Flemming – guest speakers.
(Birmingham England)

Good News:
*Frank Lorenzo and Brandie Verrett are getting married on Thurs, August 8th.  See Frank or Brandie for details.

*Aaron Li (campus student) Baptized Thursday!

* Maddie Rodriguez (Teen) baptized Sunday!

Teen Camp – Aug 11-16.
NWYC is in Twinlow Camp, Idaho.

August 18 – August 22, 2013
The Goal of Family Worship Camp is promote multi-generational faith.
Where: Black Lake Bible Camp, Olympia, WA
More info & Registration contact:
Kari Wax

Northwest School of Ministry
Session One –
Old Testament Interpretation
Dr. Douglas Jacoby
Dates & Location
• Friday October 11 (Starting at 1 p.m.) through Saturday October 12 (Ending by 6 p.m.)
• Queen Anne Building, 2555 8th Ave. W., Seattle, WA 98119
Tuition Cost
• $100 for members of the Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellingham and Portland churches
• $0 for members of all other NW U.S. & Western Canadian churches, in view of the cost of traveling to Seattle
To register go to:
(on South Sound Web site)

Prayer Requests
– Kira’s last Sunday with south Sound as she heads to college in San Diego.
-Stephen Morton – Cancer in remission.
– Jeremy Silver’s Mom’s health.
– Mary Genter Thyroid Biopsy, & her family’s health challenges.
– Sandra Johnson, she has been in the hospital twice this past week with pain and concerns about her liver.
– Brandie Shipps – health challenges
– John Daniel is a new Christian in Gig Harbor Baptized health challenges – brain tumor.
– Mark Kasson’s Dad going to Hospice. Pray for dad & Mark’s family.


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