Sunday August 06th, 2017 Leadership Meeting – Edi Balian

Edi Balian provides this weeks special leadership meeting presentation titled “Unlocked” :
A. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
1. Recognize the Weight of Leadership/Ministry is unlike no other and you to manage it well
2. Place Matters
3. Guard your sleep and rest
4. Take your Sabbath breaks and vacations
5. Invest Daily into your family
6. Home environment takes work but pays off massively
7. Fun & Friendship
8. Master Technology; Don’t let it master you
9. Be Teachable and a committed Learner
10. Nutrition, Diet Matter, and Exercise Matters
B. Are you living in a way today that will help your Thrive Tomorrow

Slide Presentation in PDF format.


Sunday August 06th, 2017 Armed For Battle – Edi Balian

Edi Balian, Guest Speaker, provides this weeks lesson titled: “Armed for Battle”
1. Love of Family
2. Sharp as a knife
3. The Bible is a Spiritual Weapon
a. The Word of God
b. Spiritual Armor
c. The Next Steps
d. Implementation


Saturday August 05th, 2017 Men’s Day – Man Enough – Edi Balian

Edi Balian is the main speaker for Men’s Men’s Day 2017 Titled: “Man Enough”

“Power Point is all that is provided”


Sunday June 25th, 2017 Law & Grace – Gregg Marutzky

Special guest speaker Gregg Marutzky provides this weeks lesson titled: “Law & Grace”
1. Nordic Churches
2. Dreams
3. Baltic Churches
4. Vision
5. Future


Sunday November 13th, 2016 Teach Them To Obey – Ben Sanders

Guest Speaker Ben Sanders from from the North South Sound Church of Christ presents todays lesson on “Teach Them To Obey”


Sunday October 09th, 2016 When You Believe – Walter Evans

Guest speaker “Walter Evans” provides this weeks lesson titled: “When You Believe”


Sunday November 01st, 2015 Impact of Friendship – Dave Weager

Guest speaker Dave Weager provides this week’s lesson titled: “Impact Of Friendship”

1. Never let your friends feel lonely, disturb them all the time.
2. Fake friends only tell me what I want to hear. Real friends aren’t afraid to tell me what I may not wanna hear.
3. Why we need best friends.


Sunday October 4th, 2015 Chosen For A Purpose – Jeff Mannel

Jeff Mannel, Guest Speaker, provides this weeks lesson Titled: “Chosen For A Purpose”


Sunday March 01st, 2015 Connected: Start With The Heart – Brian Felushko

Today’s continuing lesson on CONNECTED is presented by Brian Felushko, our quest speaker from Vancouver BC and is titled: “Connected: Start With The Heart”


Sunday November 30th, 2014 A Vision – What Can You See – Daren Overstreet

A guest speaker, Daren Overstreet, provides this weeks lesson titled: “A Vision – What Can You See”


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